Balancing Hormones In Men Through Diet

Men should have a high level of testosterone and very low levels of estrogen. Testosterone is a male hormone while the estrogen is a female hormone. Any discord in the hormone levels will lead to health issues that need to be treated. Hormone deficiency or imbalances can be resolved by making lifestyle changes or hormone replacement therapy for men and women. A balanced diet rich in essential nutrients will help balance your hormones. You will get to know more here about the different foods that will help lower oestrogen level in men. Hormones do a lot of work in your body. It regulates the immune system, your moods, keeps your libido strong, energy at high levels, and helps in extracting nutrients and digesting food.

Balancing your hormone level is important for your health. Imbalance in your hormonal level can lead to health issues that cannot be managed easily. A simple way to maintain a healthy hormonal level is to eat right. Certain foods stimulate and inhibit the production of hormones. Proteins and organic fat will increase your progesterone and DHEA levels. Foods like fish, seeds, nuts, beans and green leafy vegetables will increase the levels of magnesium that will in turn stimulate sex hormone productions. Fat-soluble vitamins also stimulate sex hormone levels.

A diet high in processed grains and sugars will decrease the production of some important hormones. Liquorice, processed meat and soy will disrupt hormonal imbalance due to high production of estrogen. A highly unbalanced diet can disrupt your endocrine and production of hormones. Hormonal fluctuation can lead to low progesterone, low testosterone and high estrogen. You will have symptoms like sleeplessness, fatigue and weight gain. To bring your body back to a healthy state, you need to make an effort and start with a healthy diet, to begin with.

Sticking to a diet can be challenging unless you plan it out correctly. Each individual has different ways of reacting to a diet. You need to consult an expert to find the right eating habit that can help you achieve overall health goals. Every individual has different levels of hormones and other factors that will make identical food items give different reactions to them. A study indicated that identical food given to 800 people of age18 to 70 resulted in different levels of blood sugar. One size fits all type of diet will not work for everyone.

A healthy diet should be personalised to individual needs and health factors. This will help in effective reduction of weight, diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular disease while maintaining a healthy hormonal balance. This customized diet along with hormone replacement therapy can be very helpful in keeping you fit. It can easily help you maintain a healthy balance of hormones. A person gets to gain a lot with a healthy and balanced diet. You will be physically fit, have a better lifestyle, get more active, energetic and an important point is that you will not get sick frequently like before.